Winter Whites

Winter Whites-Gatherings Magazine

Winter Whites-Gatherings Magazine

Winter Whites- Gatherings Magazine

Winter Whites-Gatherings Magazine

Winter Whites - Gatherings Magazine

Winter Whites -Gatherings Magazine

Nothing is cozier than warm cable knit sweaters, a cup of tea and pretty posies nearby. Gatherings blog contributor, Stephanie Dahlsrud brings this visual inspiration today to ignite your imagination on these frigid days.

Isn’t it amazing how small, simple pleasures brought together in a collection can create instant loveliness in the home. Stephanie shows how to bring in a simple bundle of baby’s breath and a few pale roses mixed with crocheted doilies ¬†for a white on white Winter palette that is sure to warm the spirit.

3 Responses to “Winter Whites”

  1. Alysa

    Sigh. Little bursts of color in the midst of this white winter are just what I need. Thanks for the reminder. Such lovely blooms.


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