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Happy New Year- Gatherings Mag.

Happy New Year friends! Have you begun the business of packing up decorations, ordering your home and readying your mind and spirit for a new year with fresh beginnings?

It’s so refreshing to have the opportunity every year to begin again. To take what we learned from our set backs of last year and recharge our hearts and minds for better changes.

We are doing that here at Gatherings too! 2013 was such a monumental and experimental year as we launched a new website, and our move into print media. As many of you know we are a small team of committed women who came together organically in the past year.

As founder and creator of Gatherings in 2011, I knew from the start that this creative endeavor was not a solo gig. I needed a team. I wanted Gatherings to be a collaboration. If there was one lesson I learned in art school it was that the best projects grew from a gathering of creative spirits. I also knew I could not pull the weight of running an online magazine by myself with a child on the way. So with a lot of prayer and a dose of grace our team came together this time last year. Now we are a team of 10 regular contributors/editors who work closely within a unified theme each issue to bring you beautiful/thoughtful content.

Our hope this year is to not only improve upon this in each new issue but to connect with readers more intimately at events and possibly our very own Gatherings workshop. As we look forward to all the possibilities that 2014 brings we can’t help but think of the word REFRESH!

refresh by Gatherings Magazine

May the work we do be refreshing to your spirit. May you be RE-FRESHED in the coming weeks/months ahead.

Remember we are in this together. You inspire and energize us and we hope to stay connected with you to do the same.


(This is the first blog post in a series titled Notes from Heather where I will stop in once a week with a personal note in addition to our guest blog posts.)

If you want to be a guest contributor contact Elizabeth Hanley, media corespondent at

All photos by Heather Spriggs Thompson

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