A Christmas Home Tour + Making Your House Your Home

Your house….no…your home. Yes, YOUR home. Is it a reflection of you? You know…does it visually “say” who YOU and your family members are?

This past Summer, I was asked if it would be ok to share our home this Christmas on a Holiday Home Tour. It was a very honorable benefit for a local adoption agency, so naturally, I wanted to participte. What a fun and invigorating challenge it has been this year getting ready for nearly 500 people to come through our home! When the day rolled around for the tour, I was nervous and excited all at once. I walked through our home one last time before the tour guides arrived. Thoughts ran through my head like: “What if I didn’t clean that floor well enough? What was I thinking when I installed cream carpet in the hallway? and the real big question was: What if they don’t like it???” Yikes!

That single thought stuck in my head because, I decorate from my heart. I really DO. If they didn’t like the décor….it would be almost like they didn’t like me! Sounds a bit dramatic….but it’s true.  It is a wonderful thing to be able to walk into someone’s charming home and instantly feel like you “know” them just by their décor. Each item I place throughout my home truly was put there to help tell our story as a family. The items were not expensive, elaborate or sometimes not even pretty….but they truly helped the attenders to “see” who we were as individuals & even as a family. It was a conscious effort to achieve….but in the end I believe that the number one comment I’ve heard from local attenders and friends is that they love how our home just fits like a glove to who we are as a family. Now…that made all the organizing and cleaning worth while!




Owning a home is a privilege in this day and age. Many who do not have homes throughout the world, would not know what it means to be so blessed. But somehow, we often take for granted the many blessings we have in our house….or….more accurately…our home. We tend to get a little caught up in the pedigree of things that go into our homes. Not to say it isn’t fun to enjoy a new trend, a fine antique or a bunch of lovely fresh flowers.  No…it’s normal to want to have “nice things”.





But I’d like to challenge you to think beyond the stereotypical items or pieces which you so often see in catalogs or in department store windows. Find the beauty in cast off items, things destined for the land fill and maybe even more importantly….family heirlooms. These are the items which give your home a different feel than anyone else’s. These things speak volumes about you as a person…about your experiences in the past and even your future wishes. These items tell the story of YOU.


Last but not least…SHARE. Yes share. Share your home with others. Sure, not everyone is going to attempt to have 500 people in their home in one day….but you can invite a lonely neighbor for dinner, a homesick college student or even your extended family over for pie this Christmas….and they will see “who you are” by the way you “tell” your story. Wish them a Merry Christmas….and let them share in who YOU are! Because after all….one of the very best gifts of Christmas is the gift of YOU. Share your self…and find out quickly people are happy to share themselves with you too.


From my home to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!

-Trisha Brink, Gatherings Market Editor

* Photos by Annetta Bosakova, Gatherings Photographer and Stylist

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  1. Alysa

    This is such a lovely post! Just found your site through Influence Network. My friend and I (both fairly new home owners) were just talking about “cozying up” our homes this winter. Love your advice of decorating with items that tell your family story + the crocheted blanked on the winged back chair. I’m all about sharing meals with friends…pie ESPECIALLY! :)

    Excited to read through more of your posts.


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